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Friday, February 26, 2016

Commercial: Wide format, square peg in a round hole

What do you do when you have to fit a really wide format but can only have the main subject on one side of the image? This layout is for a pamphlet that features a front and back cover using the same image. The left side is the back cover.

I initially tried another original image and concept for this piece. However, it did not have the right feel for the publication. This is from a shoot I did a while back, but was able to make it fit the format, and the feel fit the vibe the client was going for. It is not an easy format to make work.

Here's how I did it.

The initial image was a wide angle photo. There was a ton of distortion. In Lightroom, I handled the distortion before moving over to photoshop.

Once I corrected the perspective issues, mostly near the edges of the frame, the cars didn't look so distorted. In the end, I wouldn't be using the car on the right, so that the people would be centered in the front cover.

Moving into Photoshop, I cut it down to fit the ratio of the layout.

However, we need more content to fill the left side. Fortunately, the line of cars behind the group is partially obstructed. Pulling in a setup shot of all of the cars, I could use some of them that are blocked. Otherwise, it would be noticeable if the cars that are visible were stretched or repeated.

Taken down to the format size. This shows some editing on the left edge that came later in the process.

Masked into the other image.

Then the sky needs to be blended, cloned over a section and masked in the edges so the transition was smooth.

Then I had to work on the sand below the orange car on the left. Surprisingly because of the gradient, I couldn't just extended the darker portion over to the left. I actually had to flip and rotate it to get it to blend.

One last adjustment to the left side and we have the final image!

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