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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Campaign: Safe with a cell

Hot on the heels of the Halloween themed production, this seemed relatively straight forward. This is another simple, but powerful image. 

With the prevalence of cell phones, pay phones are few and far between. In fact, it was hard to find a booth at all and not surprising that it was void of an actual phone.

As such, we have become more dependent on cell phones, even children rely on them for vital communication. 

The goal with this image, was to depict safety with a cell phone. Taking the angle that with the phone, the child is far safer than without, even though things look a little ominous. 

I was lucky to get some help with my casting on this one, of a young man fresh off a soccer game in the rain. Fit the script perfectly. This was a very quick shoot, so no real behind the scenes on this one. Accent lighting came from a gelled softbox to the left of the image. Take the lighting to mean whatever you interpret. Headlights from a car, the game, the setting sun. It could be anything. 

Here are the images that went into this.

Here is the main subject. Basically the tree was replaced with the phone booth.

The sky was taken on the same site, but from a different angle and inserted behind the subject.

And finally, our other subject, our weary out of order phone booth. Again same day, but different location.

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