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Monday, November 16, 2015

Product: Putting the screws to it.

A screwdriver. Simple right? Not so fast. Combining aspects of our previous two tools, shiny and texture, this created some unique challenges.

Snap-On is a premium tool supplier to the automotive repair business. This particular design features a soft tri-lobe grip. This keeps the driver from rolling, but still allows a firm, comfortable grip. 

We wanted to show off these features in this concept. A background of screws shows that this tool will be able to go the distance.

But the screws were not just composited in. This is a one shot photo! 

However, to show the texture of the screws, once again the are cross side lit. But the chrome driver shaft needs something to reflect in order for it to be seen.

So, we elevated the screwdriver on some wooden dowels. This allowed lighting separation from the background, giving the screws a little bit of out of focus blurriness, adding to the crisp edges of the tool. 

In order to get the chrome part to be highlighted, some fill cards were adding on the top and bottom of the image. But the bottom was elevated off the surface to keep it from illuminating the screws. This gave the perfect highlight on the chrome part. 

Finally, some very skinny blocking card was used to keep the ends of the driver handle from being too bright. 

A little bit of  editing work to get rid of some dust on the rubber handle, and brighten the logo, and we have the finished product!

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