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Monday, November 16, 2015

Advertising: Stud finder angle

Continuing with home tools, we have a stud finder. It's a very hand tool to find what you can't see in the wall. This is most commonly use to find a stud to securely mount a heavy item.

For this piece, we wanted an angle that would be unique, but show the tool off well. 

This simple looking image, was actually several images put together. Getting one with the laser marker operational was particularly difficult. 

There is a button on the side that you have to squeeze to operate the tool. This is to allow you to drag it across a wall. Getting the deep scanning feature to activate, which illuminates the red and green upper LEDs, was particularly difficult. The tool needs to "sense" a material underneath it, or it will give an error. After a few tires, a combination of tape and some clay was able to hold the button after activation to make a shot of the lights.

If you look closely, you can see blue tape on the right side behind the red led. This shot was combined with several more to make the entire image work.

To be this close to such a small tool, the entire length of it wouldn't be in focus. Using a technique called focus stacking, all of the tool is able to be show sharply.

By focusing on a slightly further back point along the subject, a series of images are made. These are shown below.

There is a little focus "breathing" where the perspective and dimensions change slightly, but computer software can straighten that all out and make a sharp image. 

Finally, the lighting. To show the curves and shape, a light was placed off to each side. This allows the shadows to cross and gives a 3d effect to the tool.

The little black cards are blocking some of the light from the back of the tool, as it was a little bit too bright.

In the end, a unique viewpoint for a very useful, if not indispensable tool.

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