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Monday, November 16, 2015

Advertising: Shiny measurement

Tape measure. A primary tool in the home construction business. Occasionally we may take it for granted. But it is definitely one of those tools you can't do without.

For this product. the case is particularly shiny, high chrome in fact. So it has no color, but reflects everything around it. 

This test shots shows how it reflects what is right in front, and I wasn't too happy with it. 

Once I came up with a suitably suggestive background of some framing lumber scraps and a piece of flag and a slate stone, I moved on to how to show the shininess of the tape measure. 

I used a variety of small black and white cars I have to get the edges of the tool to show contrasting colors. Otherwise there would be no definition. 

In the final image, this black card is not visible, but  was used slightly to the left to show the texture in the grip of the tape. 

The one problem with lighting a shiny object is it reflects everything. So to show the surface takes some creativity. Here the face of the tape shows a gradient and it's clear that the surface is shiny. 

In this image, the face looks like it's painted white.

These two images were combined to make the final image at the beginning. I had to do this because I needed to show a reflection in the face of the tool, but this didn't provide the lighting for the rest of the scene properly.

Here's how the set looks. I keep a variety of sizes and colors of cards to allow me to tailor the lighting to the subject.

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