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Monday, October 5, 2015

Concept: Popping (some pictures of) Bubbles

This was a fairly quick, but delicate shot of soap bubbles. The timing, framing, definition and lighting were all very variable.

I used a single flash timed to my camera to illuminate the bubbles from the side. 

My assistant used standard children soap bubbles and attempted to blow them in front of the flash as I tried to capture them in the frame. This allowed the bubble's iridescence to show through.

The wind was very light, but variable. Not all of the bubbles were sharp because of movement. To help enhance the lighting as well as the sky I used a circular polarizer.

Here they are just behind the path of the flash lighting. What a difference the added lighting does!

To ground the picture, I included the roof of a nearby house, but in the end I liked the lone bubbles better. It seemed more whimsical to me.

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