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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Advertising: Tools to Cook in Camp

The goal of this shot was to showcase some longer than normal grilling utensils that would be perfect for camping use, on an open fire. In the end, we needed a camp with an open fire and I was able to build it without any evidence I was all good campers should do, except it was in my yard at home!

I started with the tools. Here's a daylight shot as I started working the angles. I wanted to show the utensils in a camping scene, so in their normal orientation this wouldn't work, it's just a grill.

I came up with a probably not so realistic idea of propping them up on this large round rock. Again, here's a daylight shot of the idea.

Not terrible really. Fortunately in a way my light was fading. So I started building my scene. 

I used slow burning lamp oil for the fire.

And leftover logs from the fire pit for the grill logs. I dusted them with some powder to give them more of an ashy burn feel.

Everything is in place. For my lighting, I would need to fill between the product and the tent to avoid a dark spot. An over head umbrella gave me just the light I needed. 

Here you can see the effect of a flash I dropped in the tent to give it some glow. 

I setup a light in front to illuminate the product. I would need a surface for the metal to reflect and look shiny, so I added a piece of project foamcore off to the side. Here's what the final setup looked like:

All I had to do was pour on some lamp oil, light it up and make an image!

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