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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Advertising: Playing with Cat toys

This was a lot of fun to do. Here is a fairly realistic for a pet toy, mouse. Maybe too realistic. How did I end up with that shot, it went through a couple of trials first.

I had both a small bird and a mouse to feature. I started by trying to show them in a "natural" setting. This worked fairly well, but just didn't engage as well as I would like. 

These were fairly simple shots, but attention to detail was important. 
Here I am "styling" the bird with a toothbrush. Can't have a hair out of place!

To get the lighting I simply used a reflector to get some soft even sunlight to the bird.

For the mouse, I made a light tent in the grass. 

For the final shot, It was a combination of a couple of images. I had to do this to get a prominent perspective for the mouse, but fake the distance for the lady on the ladder to fit the setup. 

This image was used for the mouse

This one was used for the ladder. You can see how the mouse isn't as prominent. With some filling and smoothing of the white background, here's the final image.

And yes, the cat likes it.

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