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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Food: Chocolate Chaos

I gotta admit, chocolate is difficult. For this product, I had to work with a mixture of chocolates. Candies, syrup, powder, Getting each part to look it's best was a tall task.

First....chocolate likes to melt when you touch it. It doesn't like to be too hot, or too cold. The temperature at which it flows like in the header image is very narrow. This required some experimentation.

We started by getting some "melting chocolate" which is designed to melt smoothly. 

There are a variety of shades. We melted small amounts and compared them to each other on a plate. 

One of the ideas of the concept was to include chocolate that was stuck to the glass, this spoon is testing the ability of the chocolate to smoothly cling to the material.

Another concept is the chocolate pouring out. You would think chocolate syrup would be perfect for this but it really doesn't work right. 

Oh, and chocolate syrup and melting chocolate are not compatible with each other. One is water based, the other has vegetable oil in it. Oil and water don't mix.

A combination of concepts with chocolate pouring, clinging and spreading out.

First attempt at chocolate spilling out of the container

comparing a frozen dessert glass with the spilled chocolate

I picked up this square table. It folds in half and is the perfect size for working around a product shot like this.

The final of the first concept shot. Doesn't scream chocolate as much as I would like. 

Onto the second concept. We had a variety of chocolate candies. Since I wanted liquid chocolate in the shot, I knew it would be a one take deal. So we started with the chocolate melt tabs to establish the set. 

Adding in the ensemble cast. We used tongs to keep our body heat from leaving fingerprints or melt spots on the candy.

I used cocoa powder in the back and a mix of hot chocolate to make a sand like appearance

Finally, we setup the glass jar with the liquid chocolate and poured it out. the first pour was a little thin....

...but the chocolate had set up. Trying to add to it and spread it did not work out. We honestly didn't think it would, so I had to do some Photoshop work to get the final image at the beginning.

Here's the set, and placing the chocolates and dusting off the surface with a small brush. A note on the lighting in this shot. I used a softbox from the right, and a white card on the left. However, I had to put a black flag in the middle of the card to block a reflection right on top of the glass jar that hid the chocolate inside. 

Here you can see an example of these reflections and how they had to be mitigated to s how off the product inside but still light external chocolate, both candies and liquid, properly.

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