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Monday, September 21, 2015

Editorial: Recipe with Chef

Want a cheesecake? This is how it starts! In the final shot here, a stock image of a setup of what's needed to do some baking. The chef and their tools, and all the ingredients. I had fun doing this, and the colored bowls and utensils came out looking great. 

Once we arranged all of the goods, this is what the shot would have looked like from your average kitchen lighting. This light was coming from a large floor to ceiling window. Here's how we fixed it up.

This is the final lighting setup. On the left, a standard umbrella, on the right a silver reflector. Finally a light on the wall behind the table. 

The light on the wall was subtle but when combined with the rest of the lighting gave it an edge of pop to the image. 

If you look closely, you may notice the right side of the bowls and other items are a little dim. I hadn't added the reflector yet to round out the set.

Subtle, but you'll miss it if it isn't there. I especially like how the little tiny saucepan in the front has a great reflection in the table. 

Next up, the frozen berries in the colander and our talent! The colorful variety of implements made for a fun image. This is a great shot, but a little static. 

So we tried sifting flour. The flour was all but invisible with the white smock.

Fortunately the chef had a black apron. Problem solved!

In these next shots, we played around with the recipe box set location. Some may know what the box is, but without it open, it's doesn't tell the tale that it's about a recipe.

The bowl eggs and sour cream all worked fine. But in the end, we went back to the recipe card box, with the top open.

It took a few tries to get the flour dispensing timed just right, but the results are great!

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