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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Editorial: Edibles Entrepreneur

Intended to be a cover shot, I needed an executive or entrepreneur. Here is Mike Deitrick, Franchisee of two Jimmy John's Sub shops in the north suburbs of Baltimore, MD. Mike opened his family's first store about 2 years ago, and their second store just a couple of months ago. As part of the Jimmy John's plan, there are more to come.

The image I ended up using was my original idea for this shot. My equipment included a special wide angle lens, that was necessary to get the depth for this image, as we were shooting in a busy parking lot. I am actually between two cars here. Originally I had figured I'd be using a telephoto lens to compress the background, but there were so many cars in this lot moving around, I had to rethink on the go. 

I don't have any behind the scenes shots, because we had to work quick. Mike was actually conducting a meeting with the manager of his other, older location as I made the images. Start to finish I had intended on 15 minutes, actual time was 17. Not bad.

The final image ticks all the check boxes for me, he's large and in charge, a great working pose, looking slightly off frame to what is coming. A hard light pulls him off the cover.

I did some sketches of my ideas before the shoot, and shared them with Mike before we got started. I think this really helped the flow of the shoot, and I didn't have to try to think of what we wanted to do, just how to do it!

Here are some other shots we made. There can be other uses for these shots, but they just didn't work as well overall.

This standing shot is good, but doesn't show as much of the store and is a very static pose.

This pair of portrait angle shots in front of the store really shows off the neon signs. Quirky signs are a trademark of Jimmy Johns and they have them throughout the store.

I used the same accent light throughout the shoot. Here is how it would look without the flash.

We moved inside to get some context shots. The stack of rolls that they make fresh everyday provides a good background.

The above shot is without flash. It works, and is a little less edgy, but not quite as sharp.

This angle puts the pickup "Thumbs Up" sign on the otherside of Mike.

And here again is the final shot without the text. The empty space on the building really sticks out without the text there. If this image was used by itself, I would crop down more to get the building out of the top. 

With business you have to work fast, and if we hadn't worked on making a variety of shots, would of had this completed in a few minutes.

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