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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Automotive: Urban Mustang

A friend of mine just picked up a new-to-him 2012 Mustang GT Convertible. Since it was new, shiny and a pretty bad ass car right out of the factory, we wanted to get some shots of it. Freshly washed, I knew just the place that would make an excellent backdrop. An old set of buildings down by the river....

And I'm glad I did. Since our shoot, these buildings and their grungy, graffiti, dilapidated appearance have since been torn down. The "WHO ARE YOU" fit perfectly with the whole feel of the place, and I was able to fit it nicely in the photo. However, if some old buildings down my the river seems like it could be a setting for a horror movie, you wouldn't be too far off.

This shoot was filled with technical issues. I was experimenting with mixing some large lights with some smaller flashes. My grand plan was to run the large lights from an inverter  connected to a battery pack. This worked for a while, but the voltage drop sent the large light into flashing dance strobe after a short while. I hooked the whole mess up to my car (you can see it on the right below) and kept going for a bit. 

Then some of the radio remotes I use didn't want to work. Must have been the building material right? So I had to drop back and regroup, switching to a backup wired setup. 

We spent a few hours shooting. We were right off the road, and I actually was shooting from across the road for some shots. A lot of interesting people came by this out of the way spot. Some stopped and watched, others appeared to be out for "some fun" back in the woods. I don't judge.

Eventually, it got to dark for me to see, and I started to worry about our safety. All in all we got some great images. The contrast of the building, the variety of materials, and the edgy lighting and the black car translated well into black and white. We are looking to get more of our cars soon!

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